Happy new year!


Conference Voicescope 2019

Voice of a warrior or voice of a magician? How does the world around us change according to the timbre of our voice? 

The Voicescope Conference 2019 will take place in Prague, Smichov, on November 9th. We're just working on the programme. The entrance is free after registration.  
Register HERE (in Czech only). 

Let your singers create!

Workshop with Michal Hájek for choirleaders who need inspiration and fresh ideas will be held on November 3rd in Prague.   

If you work with a choir or a voiceband, come for a fresh portion of energy, interesting ideas and views. In this one-day workshop we will deal with a topic challenging every choirmaster - how to lead the choirmembers from passivity and awaken them to a creative work. 

Enroll here (in Czech only).  


The Voice of Sky and Earth in Israel

A facinating reunion between two unique voice artists, Ridina Ahmedová from Czech Republic and Victoria Hanna from Israel. Both are strongly connected to the voice in the journey of their life.

We will spend three days in November in deep voice research and singing in an enchanted oasis in the Israeli desert.

Ridina and Victoria will teach and present to each other their voice school. We will all join, learn, sound and sing together.

More information HERE.



We’re piecing together our programme for 2019

Those of you that have known Hlasohled of a long time will be aware that spring is a time of waiting and planning for us. We are gradually getting another year’s programme ready. Something will unfold later (and often unexpectedly), but we already know that:

  • Sborůvky: In September we set up the children’s choir under the leadership of Tereza Staňková. Sborůvky has grown more beautiful and gives us great joy! Sborůvky
  • 3 June – Voice Machine: Once again everyday live in Prague will resound with singing in the streets (for one day at least) come and join us! Zpěvomat
  • 14-15 June - Embodied Voice and Musicality, Rafał Habel and Julianna Bloodgood : Friday evening and whole Saturday experiencing voice through body and ensemble  Embodied Voice and Musicality
  • 11 –14  July – The Voice of Heaven and Earth, Victoria and Ridina Ahmedová: a long weekend under the leadership of these two lecturers in Mlázovy near Sušice (details soon) The voice of Heaven and Earth
Victoria Hanna and Ridina Ahmedová
  • 17 – 24 August – African Rhythms Workshop, Anita Daulne & Tomáš Kerle: the popular summer workshop in Slavonice - Summer workshop in Slavonice