We’re piecing together our programme for 2019

Those of you that have known Hlasohled of a long time will be aware that spring is a time of waiting and planning for us. We are gradually getting another year’s programme ready. Something will unfold later (and often unexpectedly), but we already know that:

  • Sborůvky: In September we set up the children’s choir under the leadership of Tereza Staňková. Sborůvky has grown more beautiful and gives us great joy! Sborůvky
  • 3 June – Voice Machine: Once again everyday live in Prague will resound with singing in the streets (for one day at least) come and join us! Zpěvomat
  • 14-15 June - Embodied Voice and Musicality, Rafał Habel and Julianna Bloodgood : Friday evening and whole Saturday experiencing voice through body and ensemble  Embodied Voice and Musicality
  • 11 –14  July – The Voice of Heaven and Earth, Victoria and Ridina Ahmedová: a long weekend under the leadership of these two lecturers in Mlázovy near Sušice (details soon) The voice of Heaven and Earth
Victoria Hanna and Ridina Ahmedová
  • 17 – 24 August – African Rhythms Workshop, Anita Daulne & Tomáš Kerle: the popular summer workshop in Slavonice - Summer workshop in Slavonice