About Voicescope

The voice is the most natural tool of every human. The workshops are designed for all those who are interested in discovering it, opening and developing it.

Voicescope was formed in 2005 and is now at the in its second decade. The impulse was a feeling that there is no room for inspiring, creative and conceptual work with the voice. While there were plenty of theatre and visual art workshops, and there still are, opportunities to discover and cultivate the voice were scarce.

The idea behind Voicescope is to offer those interested the opportunity to take part in workshops and meetings bringing varied and inspirational approaches to the human voice and singing - particularly in practice, i.e. so that the participants can try it out for themselves. Which is why we have the VOICE WORKSHOPS.  The lecturers invited to run the workshops bring an opportunity to experience something distinctive and unique - whether it's their individual approach or a culturally specific method of working with the voice. Most workshops are open to all who are interested in working with the voice and singing and who want to study further. Only certain workshops, for which it is expressly stated, are focused on working with experienced participants.

In addition to workshops there is also an annual conference devoted to the human voice and singing.



Ridina Ahmedová, founder, programme director, www.hlasem.cz , ridina@hlasohled.cz


Hana Blažková, PR and production, produkce@hlasohled.cz , tel 603 525 752


Jiří Vydra, graphic design, www.vydradesign.cz



Voicescope has been created as an initiative of o.s. Půlnebí is grateful to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague Magistrate for their support.


Ministerstvo kultury ČR