We’re emerging from hibernation and carrying on. What’s in store for 2018?
We’re in a whirlwind of planning, arranging, and preparing. There’s a busy programme to look forward to! The first of our planned events is Voice Time, a weekend workshop led by Ridina Ahmedová and Dora Krátká aimed at exploring and opening our voice through direct work with it and through various art techniques. The workshop is designed for those who are in the process of searching for their voice, as well as for singers wanting to explore the voice from a different angle. The workshop will take place on the 16th–18th March. It is led in Czech, but if you have a friend that would translate for you, he pays just 1/2 of the lesson costs.
We are delighted to welcome back Verity Standen’s exceptional performance HUG that you had the opportunity to experience in 2016. We are preparing the performance together with singers from England and the Czech Republic. Auditions are in progress (and there’s still time to sign up!), intense training and even more intense performances await us from 8th to 15th April. The event will be a unique chance to visit the remarkable Colloredo – Mansfeld Palace.
Zpěvomat / Voice Machine
Prague streets will resound with music for all passers-by on Monday 4th of June. Five groups of singers, each led by an experienced, intriguing and inspiring lecturer will fill the air with music for unsuspecting passers-by. Zpěvomat / Voice Machine is a powerful experience not only for those who happen to come across it, but also for those who decide to become its singers for a day. You can join us now.