25–26 June – Enchanting-voice-body workshop – Moss Beynon JUCKES (UK)


with Moss Beynon Juckes (UK)

JUNE 25th & 26th 2011

Baroque refectory in the dominican monastery, Jilská 7, Praha 1



The enchanting voice workshop is an opportunity for all those interested in the expressive voice to explore their potential and discover the joy of vocal improvisation on the bases of Chant. We will re-connect the voice and the body through a series of vocal & physical exercises that aid us in understanding our personal connection to our voices and to listen more closely to others. The basis of this understanding will be transmitted through structures such as

€¢ Circle sounds and song, words and gesture, tuning

€¢ Aerobic ensemble work, voice orchestras

€¢ Anatomical awareness

Then we will begin a journey through an evolution of voice exploring primitive dialogues from breath into Glossolalia (speaking in tongues), through to more structured forms such as text/words on the one hand and music /song on the other. This will be in the form of partner and group play. The fnal evolution of the workshop wil be looking at forms of singing and chanting techniques from plainchant to polyphony as improvisation structures to create our own contemporary song and modern folk dance. The investigation seeks to discover how chanting or singing is relevant to contemporary culture, personal stories and how the body supports the release of the voice in a supportive environment.

€¢ No previous experience is necessary to attend this workshop. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Moss Beynon Juckes: is a Performing Artist and Musician born in Sydney and raised in the U.K. She is currently based in Berlin. Moss works internationally on weekend workshops, longer residencies and community projects. These often result in a performance work.

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The workshop will take place in baroque refectory in the dominican monastery, Jilská 7, Praha 1, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 17:30pm. The price is CZK 1650,- / 1550, for students, senior citizens and parents on maternity leave.

You can download the application form HERE.