6 September – Indian Classical Music – Suba SANKARAN (India / Canada) and Dylan BELL (Canada)


INDIAN VOCAL TRADITION WORKSHOP with Suba SANKARAN (India / Canada) and Dylan BELL (Canada)

The classical music of India is one of the most sophisticated, fascinating and exciting musical traditions from around the globe.

Using a variety of instruments including voice (singing and vocal percussion), kanjira (south Indian drum) and sruthi box (drone instrument), the virtuosic and versatile Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell will give a hands-on, interactive workshop on Indian classical music.

Workshop Elements at a glance:
€¢ Traditional repertoire with a focus on melody and rhythm that will be taught during the workshop
€¢ Interactive call and response using vocal percussion, drumming and singing
€¢ Instruments will be used to show/imitate sounds; and visual/notational aids of songs and drum patterns will be included.

The workshop will focus on the distinctive elements of Indian classical music - raga (melody), tala (rhythm) and solkattu (vocal percussion).

Singing includes scales/modes, microtonal inflections, and improvisation.

Authentic vocal percussion sounds will be explored from the south Indian rhythmic system.

The basics of drumming, vocalization of drum strokes, and short compositions will be explored.

Live performance examples by Suba and Dylan will be used to highlight elements of the workshop.

Repertoire from South and North India will also be explored - from traditional songs to Indian-influenced original songs.

Handouts will be provided. No experience necessary.


More information about lectures, music and video you can find HERE.


The workshop will take place at Druna (www.druna.cz), Karlovo náměstí 24 ( at Charles Square - the exact place is also know as Braun´s house - Braunův dům), Praha 1. It will start at 10.00- until 17.30, with a luchbreak. The price is 950 / 800 CZK for students, seniors and persons on maternal leave. You can dowload the application here