16–17 May – Corsican polyphonies – Nicole CASALONGA (France)


Saturday and sunday 16th and 17th of May 2009



In Corsica, the tradition of singing is still very alive in everyday life. Corsican vocal compositions are very impressive and at the same time simple, sang by one, two, three or more voices and often without any instrumentation. There are lullabies and gay songs, secular and  sacred songs.

Participants will be introduced to this original and ancient style, transmitted orally from one generation to another. The experienced workshop leader will teach them techniques to write down compositions and learn them the most easy way. It is not necessary to know notes nor music theory.

For purely musical reasons this workshop is open only to women - male polyphony is an separate discipline. Women of every age including singing beginners are welcome.

Nicole Casalonga was born and lives on the south of Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean sea belonging to France. For several decades she is exploring the Corsica musical heritage and next to playing piano she is mostly focused on singing and leading workshops. For more information and music samples click  HERE.

Nicole Casalonga is coming back to Prague for the second time - her firs workshop in 2006 was very sucessful - you can visit the photogallery HERE.


The workshop will take place in the Communication centre in Školská 28, Prague 1,  saturday and sunday 10 - 16 h, on sunday at 16h there will be a presentation of the work done during the weekend for the invited friends of the participants. The price is 1750,- / 1600 for students, women on maternity leave and retired persons. You can download the application HERE.