14–15 November – Traditionnal Persian vocal music – Mahsa VAHDAT (Iran)

Traditionnal Persian vocal music with Mahsa VAHDAT


Saturday and Sunday November 14. and 15.,2009

This workshop offers a practical introduction to the techniques, modes, and repertoire of Persian song, a rare chance to immerse yourself in this beautiful and unique Middle Eastern music tradition.

Traditional Persian music draws from many sources, including regional music styles, religious genres of melody and chant and popular songs that have been reworked by master musicians and their students.These melodies existed as the basis of creative performance, or improvisation, similar to the use of melodies in jazz improvisation in the West.The music reflects central concepts in Iranian culture, particularly Islamic mysticism, and also reflects cultural themes found in other art forms, and has been associated with Sufi philosophy, particularly through poetic themes. It is based upon a modal system and places particular priority on improvisation and ornamentation; vocal parts are often decorated with Tahrir, a vocal ornamentation similar to yodelling.The flexibility of the musical forms and the extent of the improvisatory freedom is such that a piece played twice by the same performer, at the same sitting,will be different in melodic composition, form, duration and emotional impact.

Click HERE for more informations about the Mahsa Vahdat and for music illustration.


The workshop will take place in the atelier Gradana, Křemencova street number 10, from 10:00 do 17.30 with a lunch break. The fee is 1850,- / 1700 for students. The workshop will be held in English and translated into Czech language. You can download the application HERE.