VÁŠA Petr (CZ)


Petr VÁŠA (CZ)




Petr Váša is an exceptional singer, lyricist, performer and experimenter, probably the only Czech musician capable of playing literally his whole body. Apart from performing as a musician with his band Ty Syčáci (Those Rascals), he is also active as a fine artist and regularly teaches workshops and seminars.

Váša graduated as a fine-art theorist at the Brno University and founded - among others - the ensembles Z Kopce (Downhill) and Ošklid. After the bands had fallen apart, Váša focused on his physical poetry project.  He has also published a book of his original poetry and drawings with an accompanying tape entitled Texty, Básně, Poémes Physiques (Texts, Poems, Poémes Physiques) and a CD entitled Cirkus-Chaos-Minaret which he considers the audiovisual definition of the physical poetry genre.

After years of performing solo, Váša founded the Ty Syčáci band which has already released numerous albums. Currently, he is working on a solo project entitled Tomvansong which he describes as "an opus in trans-latin" and preparing the audiovisual manifesto of physical poetry for the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the birth of this genre.


Mp3 samples of Petr Váša's music are available for download at this link. More information is available at www.petrvasa.cz.