Signing up for Zpěvomat is in full swing. Will you join us?



On Monday, June 5, the magic musical instrument, the singing machine of voices and souls – ZPĚVOMAT – will sound at five places in Prague, sounding at the wishes of passers-by. It is made of human voices and will be here for all who will pass by. We are looking for amateur singers to help us create it. No professional performance is needed, so do not be afraid to join the Zpěvomat.


It's also a unique opportunity to experience a full-day workshop with great musicians for free! This year, lecturers Petr Váša, Antonia Nyass, Mirka Novak, Jiří Bouda and En.dru (Ondřej Havlík) are looking forward to you.


Maybe you're wondering why such action is on a weekday. It is so that Zpěvomat can intersect with everyday life on the streets, pedestrians hurrying from work or school or to a shop... There is a specific rush and rhythm in the city on a weekday, which usually lacks singing and voice – and we will provide that.



Voice Without Borders with Fatima Miranda

Fatima Miranda, one of Europe's leading music avant-gardes, a fascinating, courageous and eccentric vocalist who has dedicated her whole life to exploring the human voice arrives in Czech Republic from Spain in May. From May 26th to May 28th Fatima will lead an intensive workshop Voice Without Borders.


Summer workshop with Anita Daulne and David Oplatek

A favorite African polyphony workshop under the leadership of the great Anita Daulne will take place in Slavonice on July 8th–15th. Anita is an extraordinary lecturer who can not only teach with lightness but also, above all, spreads the catching joy of music and singing. Do not miss!