8 November - Sharing our vibrations



Gabriel Vivas Martínez (Venezuela / UK)

8th November 2019

The aim of this 6 hour workshop will be to share a complete, conscious and embodied voice warm-up sequence that participants can repeat anytime for personal or professional purposes. In the workshop we will work from two perspectives: first, we will connect with our will to communicate and second, we will practice a healthy emission of the voice that wants to communicate.

Starting from Body Awareness methods, the workshop will combine exercises from Linklater and Alexander voice techniques, that will allow us to explore our intentional impulse of communication and how to respond to it in a technical and effective way. The whole process will be guided following ideas of freedom, playfulness and celebration of our voices. Far from following an ideal of ‘How we should sound’, we will explore how do we really sound and what pleasure we can find in it.  

Gabriel Vivas-Martínez
Actor, trainer and researcher based in London, UK. He has experience working with Theatre-Voice-Body Expression methods with minorities (young people with disabilities, young migrants and refugees, Roma community and LGBTIQ+ young people...) and oppressed groups in countries such as The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Romania, South Africa, and the UK. Gabriel has received a 'La Caixa' Foundation Fellowship for studying a PhD in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - University of London, where I am currently researching the connections between Applied Drama, Gender Performativity and Sociological Paradigms.

  • When: 8th November 2019, 10-13 a 14.30-17.30
  • Where:  Studio ITAKA, Korunní 35, Praha 2
  • Fee: 950,-
  • Online registration