28–30 November – The Voice of Sky and Earth – Israel



Victoria HANNA (Israel) and Ridina AHMEDOVÁ (Czech Republic)

28th- 30th November, 2019, Neot Semadar, Israel


A facinating reunion between two unique voice artists, from Czech Republic and from Israel. Both are strongly connected to the voice in the journey of their life.

We will spend three days in deep voice research and singing in an enchanted oasis in the Israeli desert.

Ridina and Victoria will teach and present to each other their voice school. We will all join, learn, sound and sing together.


The Workshop

We will work in the impressive desert landscape of southern Israel. Our meeting’s theme is nature and landscape. We will look for a connection between what we see, hear and feel, we will create songs using cues from various senses. We will become wanderers in our own and group soundscapes. We will stay in the beautiful Neot Semadar kibbutz and its desert surroundings, in the south of Israel - www.neot-semadar.com


What Victoria brings

A vocal workshop in nature, inspired by Hebrew Kabbalistic texts. International vocal artist Victoria Hanna invites you to a fascinating and in-depth encounter with the human voice.

In ancient cultures, voice and sound were an integral part of healing ceremonies and creation stories – we will try to understand what that actually means. In the course of three intensive days in an especially beautiful natural setting, we will practice this in-depth inquiry into the voice, connecting it with the body and with the basic natural elements – earth, air, water and fire.

We will touch the depths of the body and soul, in order to discover where each vowel and consonant is located. The use of voice and speech through the holy letters of the biblical language will open new fields of insight and creativity for us, and we will understand how this directly affects the performance of every song in every language. Language and sound are magic in space, poured from the soul into the body and into the physical space in which we exist.

→ Victoria Hanna

What Ridina brings

Ridina says: "Working with the voice fascinates me by the way it allows close, deep and intense sharing among people. The voice is the means by which we establish contact with ourselves and others. It’s amazing to discover this dimension of encounter. Maybe it’s my African roots that call for community – which comes in heaps with group singing. At the same time, I love awakening and developing the ability to create beautiful music from simple inputs - because it’s something we’re all capable of. We will discover and deepen this gift we all have in ourselves."

→ Ridina Ahmedová

Organising information

  • When: November 28th - 30th, 2019
    From Thursday 2 pm till Saturday 5 pm
  • Where: Neot Semadar - www.neot-semadar.com
  • For: for singers of any experience
  • Fees include participant fee, accomodation for 2 nights (thursday-saturday) and meals
  • 2200 ILS (CZK 15 220) / person - while sleeping in a double room
  • 2020 ILS (CZK 13 970) / person - while sleeping in a 5 bed yurt

The transportation is not included, the easisest way to get to Neot Semadar is from Eilat (approx 45 min by car), the kibbutz can arrange car transportation for the cost of fuel. From the north (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv) you can take a bus that stops close to the kibbutz. Please write us for further information.



Thursday Nov 28th
13 Arrival
14-15 tour trough the kibbutz with a guide
15 cake and coffee and workshop session till 18h
18.30-19. 30 dinner
20h-22. 30 workshop session

Friday Nov 29th
6.30 - 8  silence walk with the kibbutz members (optionnal)
8h breakfast
9 - 12. 30 workshop
13-14 lunch
15-17 workshop
19-20.30 sabat dinner
21.30 vocal session together with the community of Neot Semadar

Saturday Nov 30th
8h coffee/tea and cake
8.30 -10.30 workshop
10.30-11.30 late breakfast
12-15.30 workshop
15.30 late lunch
16-17 closing workshop session


Supported by the city of Prague and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.