8–15 April – HUG with Verity STANDEN

HUG - a capella performance

with Verity STANDEN, Great Britain

8th March and the evenings 9–15 April 2018,  Prague


There will be a unique project staged in the Czech Republic between the 30th October and 5th November. British composer and music director Verity Standen and a group of singers she works with will be visiting with the performance HUG. Here, the ensemble will join with local singers interested in rehearsing an approx. 20 minute long piece/performance.

HUG in an interactive performance for approximately 20 people during which each audience member is blindfolded and individually hugged by a singer. Without being able to actually see their surroundings, the audience experiences the performance through sound, breath and vibrations of the body as the choir sings.
This is a unique chance for singers to learn from an extremely experienced and distinctive a cappella composer and to be part of an intense, transformative experience for both performers and audience members alike.

We are looking for singers to join in for three days of afternoon and evening rehearsals and to perform the piece for a further four to five evenings – mostly in Prague, though it is possible that one performance would take place in another town.

Is HUG for You?

In contrast to the vast majority of our other workshops, this project is aimed at experienced singers.

Singers should:

  • be available all day on Sunday 30th October, then all evenings from 8th to 15 th April (the dates are to be refined) from 6:00 pm.
  • have time to take part in a free preparatory workshop. During the workshop, participants should decide whether they meet the conditions necessary for taking part in HUG. Singers who will take part in the workshop but will not take part in HUG will obtain free tickets to the performance.
  • have experience with choral singing and performing
  • be confident holding their own harmony line amongst other voices
  • be confident improvising at moments within the piece
  • be over the age of 18
  • be personally stable and comfortable hugging audience members while singing – this is an intimate performance
  • there is no need to read music, as Verity will teach the entire piece by ear
  • the project is free of charge, nevertheless, each participant will pay a deposit of 4000,- Kč at the beginning of the project and will be fully refunded at the end of it. The reason for this is that problems could arise for the project where a significant number of singers to take part in the workshop and then not perform.

The workshop will be translated into Czech. We can help to ensure accommodation for participants that are not from Prague. Please write to us for assistance at produkce@hlasohled.cz

If you are interested, apply HERE.