4–5 November – Authentic voice – Olga Lidia KOZLOWSKA (PL)


Olga Lidia KOZLOWSKA (Poland)

the weekend 4–5th November 2017

Studio Itaka, Prague 2

This workshop is for those who want to express and experience themselves through their voice and songs. During two day practice, we will have a unique opportunity to dive deep into the nature of our voices, all while learning songs and spending time in a magical Prague city.

The work will be both physical and vocal. We will blend the personal experience of body-voice connection and universal stories carried by the songs. There will be space for both group and individual work.


  • Experience and express yourself through your voice
  • Let go of what "should be" and explore what is authentic and fresh
  • Learn to trust yourself and your voiceExperience, learn and sing polyphonic songs
  • Feel the support of the group and joy of singing together
  • Enjoy a safe space for group work and personal improvisation
  • Learn simple tools to work with voice that you can take home 


Olga says:

Voice is a current mirror of you, here and now. It carries your physical and mental state, as well as your character and imagination. I invite you to discover and experience your own unique vocal identity. We will not be looking for any “pretty” sound. We will explore Authentic Voice mirroring you here and now. Aesthetics will be a side effect, not a goal. We will do away with unnecessary forms, fully trusting ourselves and our voices.

Songs are vehicles of emotions and life stories. Polyphonic harmonies and disharmonies are an invitation for meeting in deep listening. They carry universal stories through time and space. We will connect to these stories through our own bodies and minds.

The Authentic Voice is my own approach inspired by works and methods of great leaders in the field like Kristin Linklater Voice, Body-Mind Centering and Processwork (Amy and Arnold Mindell; Unintentional Music by Lane Arye).

No requirements. All you need is your desire to experience. Each moment you can decide to take one step at the time on the Way of the Voice. It can be a beginning or a continuation of deepening practice.

Please bring with you some water and wear comfortable clothes. We will work without shoes (barefoot/socks), sometimes laying down on the floor. If the weather allows we may also work outside in Nature.


Olga Lidia Kozlowska je psycholožka, lektorka a koučka zaměřující se na práci s hlasem. Více informací o ní naleznete ZDE.


Organizační informace

  • Datum: 4.–5. listopadu 2017
  • Časy: sobota 10.00–13.00 a 14.30–18.00,  neděle 11.00–13.30 a 14.30–17.30. V neděli ráno bude Olga přednášet na souběžně probíhající konferenci Hlasohledu, kam se také můžete přijít podívat, pokud budete chtít.
  • Místo: Studio ITAKA, Korunní 35, 120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady
  • Cena: 1850 Kč (1700 Kč pro studenty, seniory a osoby na rodičovské dovolené)
  • Dílna bude vedena v angličtině a tlumočena do češtiny. Maximální počet účastníků je 16.