5 June – ZPĚVOMAT!


Under the guidance of five lecturers on Monday 5 June Prague’s streets will resound to the Zpěvomat project between 2.30 pm and 6 pm. It’s completely free for participants and passers-by - join us!



The ZPĚVOMAT project was created by Ridina Ahmedová from the need to meet people other than those who already know that singing makes sense and who attend workshops and concerts.
Zpěvomat is a "musical instrument of the streets playing to the wishes of passers-by", i.e., a circle of singers and three chairs in the middle of the circle for passers-by to sit down on. Whoever decides to enter into this Zpěvomat will enjoy the music that is made solely for them.

What is the point? To bring live singing to the streets, so people who perhaps don't normally have much to do with singing, or would not have the time in normal circumstances, can enjoy the fun of singing. For the singers it is an opportunity to experience your voice in another environment and in other contexts. It is highly likely it will bring unexpected experiences.

On Monday afternoon there will be five Zpěvomat circles in different places around Prague, each led by a different instructor.


Fotky z loňského ročníku (a další naleznete ZDE) :





Zpěvomat members will meet in the morning at 9.30 am in groups of about 15 people that make up one circle. Under the guidance of their trainer they will play with their voices, warm up and prepare until about 13.00; after lunch they’ll go out onto the streets and ‘their site’ at around 14.30. Each Zpěvomat circle will have two assistants who will invite passers-by to forget about their daily rush, mobile and work and take the time to stop for a moment and get drawn into the Zpěvomat.
Naturally it will be clear that the Zpěvomat is made up of amateurs, sometimes something may not be in complete harmony, we’re counting on that and it won’t matter at all. Taking part is what matters. There are recordings full of perfection all around us. Here the aim is meeting in the flesh.



For more information/questions you can use contacts zpevomat@hlasohled.cz or (+420) 777 852 195 (Zuzana). Participation is free. If you can’t make it, then pay Zpěvomat a visit if you’re passing by. In the coming days we’ll add a map of the places where you can find us.

We look forward to seeing you!