3 December – Advent Kitchen Band – Martina and Kryštof SPIRITOVI (CZ)

traditional advent workshop: 

Advent Kitchen Band

with Martina and Kryštof Spiritovi

3rd December 2017

Kapucínský klášter na Hradčanech

In this year’s traditional Advent workshop we’ll be experimenting not only with the voice but
also with sounds that are hidden in the ordinary things we use everyday. Since many of us
spend at least some of the time before Christmas in the kitchen we will be focusing on ways
of using crockery for musical purposes. Six brand new three-part adaptations of Advent
songs and less well-known Czech carols have been created for the workshop and we will put
the finishing touches to them by playing colanders, wooden spoons and glasses. We will add
the interludes by playing bottles and perhaps mini-pudding moulds. Advent is a time in which
to contemplate and prepare for Christmas. Let us then add a spiritual dimension to the
mundane task of culinary preparations and rehearse a few songs that we can sing and play to
make ourselves and others happy while baking, perhaps.

You are invited to join the Advent Kitchen Band by Martina and Kryštof Spirit.


Workshop information

  • Date: 3. prosince 2017
  • Time: 9.30–17.30 with 90 minute lunch break
  • Place: Kapucínský klášter na Hradčanech
  • Price: CZK 750; students, people on parent leave, seniors CZK 620