23–24 September – Instant composition: The adventure of vocal creativity – Thomas JOHANNSEN (NL/D)

Instant composition: The adventure of vocal creativity

with Thomas JOHANNSEN (NL/D)

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September 2017


The Genetic Choir is the idea of a singing utopia - creating instant vocal compositions in front of an audience with any number of singers, without any score or musical agreements beforehand.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the skills for Instant Vocal Composition as developed by Thomas Johannsen and the Genetic Choir.

Any degree of experience is welcome, as are all musical styles and backgrounds. The concept we are working from is that the quality of the music will not depend on the virtuoso abilities of the individual - though those are very much welcomed - but on your ability to listen and give yourself over to the process of strengthening and transforming the present sound material (which needs your personal engagement, although the outcome is not entirely in your own hands). All patterns and colours of music can arise from this, there are no boundaries in musical style, amount of solo vs. group singing or nature of the compositions - from contemplative and subtle to wild, melodic, poly-rhythmical, strange and beautiful - everything is possible. The Genetic Choir is an eco-system in which many creatures can live. It needs singers who can give up on their ego and still make bold decisions. By opening both your ability to set your own boundaries and surf the crest of the moment, we create vocal compositions that are surprisingly vital, focussed and yet unpredictable.

We will train the basic skills that make all this possible:

  • Surrender (don't let your will rule your decisions)
  • One thing (deepen your material)
  • Quality of Listening and Focus (find your place in the jungle of sound)
  • Quality of Engagement (never wait, just ride that horse!)
  • Stillness and Timing (understand the power of silence)

The workshop contains both exploratory individual work and small/big group ensemble singing. Note that 'singing', for me includes all conceivable sounds made by the human voice. Making contact with your authentic voice and inert musicality is key and will be facilitated. You can't go wrong, except when taking yourself too seriously. Having said that, we expect from any participant a professional attitude towards the work: be ready to work highly concentrated while singing, stumbling, diving deep down into the jungle of sound and arriving at places you never visited before!

You can find more information and listen to Genetic Choir music on our website: www.genetic-choir.org

More about Thomas HERE.


Organizational information

  • When: 23–24 September 2017
  • Where: Itaka, Korunní 35, Prague 2
  • Price: CZK 1850 (CZK 1700 for students or people on maternal leave)
  • ONLINE APPLICATION or send a mail to zuzana@hlasohled.cz