26–28 May – Voice without borders – Fatima MIRANDA (Spain)


with Fatima MIRANDA (Spain)

Friday to Sunday 26–28 May


In creative work with the voice, what one does not know is almost more important than what one actually knows. With the goal of learning (from oneself) through practice, each individual participant will be required to prepare a short song, either self-written or borrowed, with intelligible lyrics or not, in which to rehearse various techniques. Each one will then be analysed and technically re-orientated, in such a way that through guidance the participant will discover and optimise his/her own vocal resources.

Miranda will also give participants the benefit of her line of thinking, illustrated with videos of her own works, using them to generate a space for reflection and a conceptual approach.

The workshop will focus on various aspects related with singing: Voice-instrument / Other pitches, textures, registers and resonances / Warm-up exercises / Relaxation / Listening / Postural correction / Breathing / Introduction to non-western vocal techniques / Basic anatomy of the vocal apparatus / Improvisation / Rhythm / Concentration / Protection of the vocal apparatus while experimenting with new techniques / Stage presence / Presentation versus representation / Fears -Track – Confidence / Unlearning bad vocal habits / Expression of feelings and thoughts / Cataloguing one’s own vocal techniques / Graphic scores.

The latent potential of the spoken-sung voice of each individual will be strengthened, showing him/her guidelines to explore and to perfect his/her vocal resources and to detect working methods in harmony with each one’s interests, qualities and nature, not so much to build a catalogue of vocal acrobatics as to provide the precise technique to elevate each person’s language and poetics to its maximum, without damaging the vocal apparatus.


Fatima Miranda is a fascinating personality and a true legend in the European avant-garde whose central theme was and is the voice. (more)


Organizational information

  • When: 26–28 May 2017
  • Where: DDM Praha 2, Slezská 21, Praha 2 
  • Aimed at: This workshop is aimed at people interested in developing all kinds of vocal techniques with a view to musical, theatrical and poetic practices and the creative process generated from a prejudice-free and systematic work with this instrument.
  • Price: CZK 2400 (CZK 2200 for students, parents on maternity leave, pensioners)
  • APPLICATION: this workshop is fully booked already

Capacity of the workshop is limitet to 10 participants.