19 November – A Time to Sing – Sylka UHLIG (Holland)

One Day Workshop: A Time to Sing

with SYLKA UHLIG (Holland)

Saturday, 19th November

A Time to Sing is a program for everyone, singers and non-singers - for anyone who uses their voice in their work and/or their life and who wants to become more conscious of the impact the voice can have on others. The goal of this workshop is to allow people to sing for themselves and with others which results in a sense of wellness through being in our bodies and expanding our range of expression. This work is about experiencing the voice more than producing or performing. Personal exploration of natural and musical sounds in collaboration with other voices creates an environment in which people can overcome fear, reduce anxiety, and return to an inherent enjoyment of singing just for the sake ofsinging and well being.

Participants will experience a sequence of vocal exercises that can promote proficiency, will sing alone and with others to enhance sensitivity to how the voice impacts human relationships on many levels, will develop skill and freedom to use the body and voice in improvisation to communicate effectively with the others. Important for this practice are: developing awareness of the body as an instrument; experiencing the differences between forced and free voices; discovering all kinds of voices and their effects; listening; practicing various situations through voicework.

For further information about the lecturer click HERE.

The workshop will take place from 10 am to 5.30 pm in DDM Slezská 21, Praha 2.

The price is CZK 890,-/ 790,- for students, senior citizens and parents on maternity leave. This workshop will be translated to czech language.

You can download the application form HERE

This workshop is kindly supported by The embassy of Netherlands in Czech Republic.