15–16 October – Ukrainian folklore pricksong music – Yuri and Zuzia PASTUSHENKO (Ukraine)

Ukrainian folklore pricksong music

with Yuri and Zuzia PASTUSHENKO (UA)

SAT 15th - SUN 16th October

Ukrainian musical folklore is particullarly interesting because of its richness of diversity. There are plenty of styles and genres, lots of various examples for each performative manner. In every region there are specific variations of lyrical and ritual tradition, which is also significantly developed with respect as well to musical and textual motives as to dialectical question. One of the most important things is that Ukrainian musical folklore is still alive - we can hear traditional songs performed by real masters who can remember how it used to be met by their fathers and grandfathers. It also means that the social organism works with these resources in active way; there is a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity and owing to the reciprocal influences and inspirations both spheres of life become reacher and more complete.

From the formal poit of view the whole of musical structures of the Ukrainian vocal folklore varies from heterofonic, melorecitative ritual spells to complicated, polyphonic, lyrical or spiritual compositions. In these songs you can here the power of unbroken tradition joined with lightness and easyness of bright creativity of individual, remarkble traditional masters, so called „authentic performers".


About the workshop:

During the workshop students will first of all learn how to use their voices, many of them will discover abilities they didn€™t expect to have. We will practice some emissional nuances, develop musical efficiency to perform specific harmonic, melismatic and rhytmical forms. The excercises will be fitted to skills and needs of each student. We will learn how to make an ansabmle, because Ukrainian folklore depends on collectivity - and on the other hand how to enrich the common sound with our individual qualities.

The students will learn various songs to get familiar with basic styles, manners and genres characteristic for the Ukrainian tradition.

Thos workshop will be led by musician, ethnographer and lecturer Yuri Pastushenko, more information about him and some musical examples you can find HERE.

ATTENTION - the number of participants is limited to 15, we recommend you to send application form in time.

The workshop will take place on 14th and 15th October from 10 pm to 5 am, with the break for lunch, in the DDM Spektrum, Karlínské náměstí 7, Prague 8 - Karlín, see www.ddmpraha.cz

The price is CZK 1750,- / 1690,- for students, senior citizens and parents on maternity leave.

You can download the application form HERE