13–14 June – Treat Your Voice in a Sewage Plant – Petr VÁŠA (CZ) and Tomáš ŽIŽKA (SK/CZ)


A Vocal Workshop in a Historical Sewage Treatment Plant

Petr Váša (CZ) and Tomáš Žižka (SK/CZ)

Saturday and Sunday, June 13-14


The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to try to transform their experience from the darkened echoing spaces of a historical underground sewage treatment plant in Bubeneč into sonic and vocal expressions under the guidance of musician and performer Petr Váša and scenographer Tomáš Zižka. Anybody is welcome to participate including absolute beginners in singing.

The workshop will be a part of the Orbis Pictus exhibition conceived by multi-talented artist Petr Nikl, which will be hosted by the sewage treatment plant. It is an expanded version of the exhibition formerly presented at the Rudolfinum and the Czech Museum of Music. Until it closes to the public at 6pm, the exhibition will be very busy. The participants of the workshop will spend a part of the time inside the sewage plant (both during the exhibition hours and after), where the lecturers will help them search and discover their own places and nooks which appeal to them and inspire them. The rest of the time will be spent in Petr Nikl´s near-by studio to continue working on the inspiration from the sewage plant without being disturbed.

The first day will focus on discovering the halls and niches of the sewage plant. Sunday will be devoted to the actual work and preparation of the final semi-public presentation for friends of the participants to take place on Sunday at 9:30pm.

Petr Váša is an experienced musician, voice experimenter and lecturer who has created an original cross-style between music and performance art called "physical poetry". As a musician, he is the leading force of the band Ty Syčáci. More information about Petr Váša can be found here.

Scenographer Tomáš Žižka teaches at DAMU (The Theater School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Praha) and is a founder and a leading figure of the Mamapapa group realizing site-specific projects, i.e. artistic projects combining music, theater and fine art inspired by the atmosphere of a concrete location which has not originally been designed for theater, such as monasteries, industrial compounds, natural sites, socially specific locations, etc.

The workshop will take place in the historical sewage treatment plant on Papírenská 6, Praha-Bubeneč (see http://www.ekotechnickemuseum.cz) and Petr Nikl´s studio in Lysolaje on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 9:30pm. On Sunday at 9:30pm, there will be a presentation of the work done together for invited friends of the participants. The price of  the workshop is 1650Kč, 1500Kč for students, seniors and persons on maternal leave. You can download the application here.