29–31 December – The wish to sing – Natalka POLOVYNKA (Ukraine)


A workshop based on Ukrainian folk songs

with Natalka Polovynka

 29–31 December 2009 


In the lecturer's words:

 The wish to sing frees the voice. It is a decision to take a step towards the gift of the voice, it is our personal response to the fact that this gift is available to us. Singing is an encounter. The Ancient Greek word "Irmos" means both "singing" and "connection". These encounters occur at a place and a time or between ourselves and another person. We can also meet who we really are because usually, when we say: "I want to sing," we mean: "I want to be", "I want to experience myself".

 The workshop will focus on the basic principles of work with folk songs. Apart from the songs of their own choice (see below), the participants will learn 2 to 3 Ukrainian folk songs. The purpose of the workshop is to find and walk one's own path to the song which is an approach the lecturer sees as opposite to the superficial "tourist singing," which doesn't seek the substance.

 Natalka Polovynka is a singer, actress and a teacher. She devotes herself, among other subjects, to old spiritual music and folk songs. She has co-authored numerous theater and musical projects. More information about the lecturer and mp3's of her music can be found in the LECTURERS section.


The workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday June 14th  and 15th from 10am to 5:30pm in Prague, the exact location is to be given. The workshop will be taught in Russian and translated to Czech. 

The price is 1800Kč. Students, seniors and persons on parental leave: 1650Kč. The registration form can be found in the REGISTRATION FORMS section.