LITWIŃSKI Mieczysław and Saba KRASOCZKO (Poland)

Mieczysław LITWIŃSKI 

Born 1955 in Będzin (southern Poland). Composer, singer and multiinstrumentalist. He studied composition at the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. During his five-years stay in New York he was under direct influence of the personality and music of John Cage. In 1986-1991 he lived and worked in New York, from 1991-2000 lives in Kaunas (Lithuania) and since 2000 he has been living in Warsaw (Poland).

Litwinski composes songs, chamber music, writes music for ballet, modern dance, theatre and film, creates performances and concerts in non-traditional spaces, as singer and multiinstrumentalist he performs in many improvisational music ensembles. Co-funder of many artists' and composers' groups, eg. Sol et Luna (since 2000), Mud Chevaliers (since 2004).

He cooperates with theatres – in Poland e. g. Węgajty, Kana, Gardzienice, Wierszalin, Montownia, Scena Lubelska 30/32, Videotheatre „Poza” and the Wroclaw Mime Art Theatre. 

Litwinski performs his music in the duo „Sol et Luna” (with Saba Krasoczko). The duo have performed e. g. in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy (in the Foro Traiano in Rome), in Lithuania, Estonia and Iran.

In his compositions he “unites different cultures, languages and ages”, still “always retains the feeling of homeland” (The New York Times). Litwiński has received grants of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. 



The student of Mieczysław Litwiński, Damien Poisblaud, Izabela Kłosińska, Khonoome Nahid and Khonoome Tabatabai. In her performing practice, she combines a solid basis of classical singing skills with the oriental and experimental. She gradually developed her own method, inspired both by Litwiński's way and the methods of work of physical theatre, learnt through her many years' collaboration with the Węgajty Theatre.