LHAMO Yungchen (Tibet)

Yungchen LHAMO (Tibet)

Since her pilgrimage on foot from her beloved homeland of Tibet, Yungchen Lhamo has emerged as one of the world's leading vocalists. Her songs, typically performed without instrumental accompaniment and exploring Buddhist themes of spiritual pilgrimage, soul searching, and a delight in the natural environment, have been described in the world press as "brilliant,€ "sublime,€ and "spine-tingling.€

Following the release of her breakthrough album, Tibetan Prayer (1995), which won Australia€™s prestigious ARIA Award, Yungchen was signed to Peter Gabriel's renowned Real World records label, through which she has since released Tibet, Tibet (1996), Coming Home(1998), and Ama (2006). She has collaborated with some of the world€™s greatest stars, and her songs have been featured in numerous compilation albums, film soundtracks, and documentaries.
In Italy, Yungchen was recently gifted the city of Silanus€™s esteemed "Funtana Elighe€ journalism award and was recognized by the province of Genoa as a "Messenger of Peace€ as well as given the title of "Ambassador of Culture.€ She currently lives and makes music in America, where she is working on her much-awaited fourth U.S. album and from where she heads The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of Tibetans in need.