Sanna Kurki-Suonio (FIN)

Doctor of Music

Short CV (2013)

Born: 21st April 1966 in Helsinki Address: Kapteeninkatu 15; 80170 Joensuu Tel: 0415077661, email: sanna.kurki-suonio@karelia.fi
Current post: Principal lecturer, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu

Master of Arts in Music, Sibelius Academy, Folk Music Department, 2003 Doctor of Music, Sibelius Academy, Folk Music Department, 2009
- name of the thesis: Singer’s Quiet Exaltation. Performance and Musical Means of Presence of a Singer.
Pedagogical education
Pedagogue of Music (270 credits), North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu 2010
- Teacher’s pedagogical studies (60 credits) in JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä 2010

Teaching Career
Principal lecturer, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu 2010– Full time teacher at the North Karelia Polytechnic during 2003–2007, 2009. Part-time teacher at Sibelius-Academy, Folk Music Department, 1993–.
Work shops and lectures at different universities, conservatories and courses in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Russia and Switzerland.
Language skills
Swedish fluent
English fluent

SANS Multinational group Armenian Tigran Aleksanyan, Australian Ian Blake and British Andrew Cronshaw 2011–. Improvisation in world music manner. Concerts in England, Norway, Australia and Croatia.
Duo Sanna Kurki-Suonio and Pauliina Syrjälä 2011–
Experimental music.
Sanna Kurki-Suonio Trio 2006–
Etno Emma prize 2008 for the album Huria (2007).
Duo Sanna Kurki-Suonio ja Riitta Huttunen 2002–2005.
Kainuu CD (2004). Finnish folk songs from 19th century Kainuu region.
Duo Sanna Kurki-Suonio ja Magnus Stinnerbom 1999–2002.
Archaic Finnish and Swedish music.
Hedningarna 1990–1999
I worked as singer and composer processing Finnish, Ingrian and Karelian runosong tradition (from the archives) for the repertoire of the Hedningarna. We made dozens of tours in Nordic countries and hundreds of concerts in TV, radio, festivals in several countries.
CD’s Kaksi (1992), Trä (1994), Karelia visa (1999).
Solos (among the others)
CD Musta (1998). My voice met computers and acoustic instruments.
Guest singer with NBE/Nederlands Blazer Ensemble, 2005.
Soloist for a work Aejlies Gaaltije by Norwegian composer Frode Fjällheim in Trondheim in 2004, premier in Harstad in 2000. Also a CD Aejlies Gaaltije (2004).
Premiers in composer Pekka Jalkanen’s works Yrtti (2000) and Tähdet yllä tähdet alla (1998) together with the kantele musician Ritva Koistinen. Soloist for the mini-oratory Iloveet by Pekka Jalkanen for chamber choir and soloist and performed at the Larin Paraske festival seminar in Helsinki (2004).
Touring as a guest soloist with the Norwegian band Transjoik in 1998 and 1999. CD
Meavraa (2001).
Concert Hiljaisuuden voima ordered for the Kihaus Festival in Rääkkylä in 1999.
Theatre productions (among the others)
Laulu – Musiikillinen tarina miniänukesta. Lead role and composing of music together with Pauliina Syrjälä. Script by Pirkko Kurikka. Joensuun Vapaa Teatteri 2013.
Pohjasuru. A role and composing of music for the dramatic work by Pirkko Kurikka. Joensuun Vapaa Teatteri 2012.
Isosisko. A role and composing of music for the play by Pirkko Kurikka. Joensuun Vapaa Teatteri 2009.
Nyt Eletään, a play based on the music of Ismo Alanko. Soloist and arranger together with Sara Puljula and Hannu Oskala. Joensuu Theatre 2005.
Coordinator of music for the KokoTeatteri theatre group during 2000– 2003. Rehearsing the vocal group for different productions, such as the play Cleansed by Sarah Kane, a joint production by Cirkus Maximus and KokoTeatteri.
Planning, composing and rehearsing the music for the multicultural spectacle Sateenkaari by the theatre group Raivoisat Ruusut in 2000. Singer and actor (in the role of the nanny) in the play Medeia by the theatre group Raivoisat Ruusut in 1999.
Anna-Liisa. One of the main roles, Husso, in opera by Veli-Matti Puumala. Opera is based on text by playwright Minna Canth. It was performed in Helsinki Festival 2008, conductor Jan Söderblom.
Heart in a Plastic Bag. Second main role in chamber opera by Jovanka Trbojevic. Performed by Opera Nord in Copehagen 2008. Conductor Hannu Lintu.
Composition and performance of music for the poetry programme Tanssiva Karhu, directed by Soila Valkama, in 2000.
Soloist for composer Veli-Matti Puumala’s radiophonic work Rajamailla in 1999 (Prix Italia 2001).
Radio performance of composer Pekka Jalkanen’s work Tähdet yllä ja tähdet alla in 1999.
Soloist for a work composed by Toni Edelmann, based on the poems by Seamus Heaney in 1996.
Soloist for composer Jovanka Trbojevic’s work Selfpotrait with the song in 1994.
Soloist on the original recording of Kukerpillid and the Sibelius Academy vocal group for YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) in 1990.

Film music
Composing and creating the music for the animated film Moni moitti muotoani by Leena Jääskeläinen in 2002.
Singer for the film Lunastus, directed by Olli Saarela, music composed by Tuomas Kantelinen, in 1997.
Singer and partial arranger of music for the film Vaiennut kylä, directed by Kari Väänänen, music composed by Ismo Alanko, in 1996.

Dance productions
Performances with the Risteytys -group (Ari Numminen, Vando Suvanto, Sanna Kurki-Suonio), e.g. at Ugrijuhla in Imatra in 2003 and Tampere Theatre Festival in 2002.
Director and singer in the vocal group KokoTeatteri, in Helsinki. Performances of composer Jovanka Trbojevic’s In the view of the wise 2002; the music for dancer Suvi Ruotoisenmäki’s solo work Odonata korentojen sukua 2001; and the music for Metsälintu Pahkinen’s work Secundum 2000.
Improvising and performing the music for dancer Pia Karaspuro’s work Enipnion in 1999. Performances in Helsinki and Pori.
Composing and performing the music for the sound and dance performance Kyntö by Petri Kauppinen and Sanna Kurki-Suonio, ordered for Täydenkuun tanssit (Full Moon Dance) in 1997.
Soloist for Searail music and dance performance, choreography by Ari Numminen, composition and music direction by Ismo Alanko, in 1997. Performances at the Savoy theatre in Helsinki and at the Joensuu Festival.

Other work
Mieleni minun Tekevi – artistic directing, supervising and rehearsing of music for a five-and-a-half-hour production based on the Kalevala, in Joensuu during 2004-2005. Directed by Soila Valkama. Parts of the performance compiled into an hour-long radio programme, which were fourth in the international radio play competition Marulitz in Croatia.
Artistic director and soloist in the main concert of the 125th anniversary celebration of the Finnish Red Cross, at the Helsinki Fair Centre in 2002. Choreography by Matti Paloniemi.
Musical coordinator of the Ugrijuhlat festival in Imatra during 2001-2003.
Composing, arranging and rehearsing the music for the dramatised choir concert Heimo by Wegelius choir. Choreography by Ari Numminen. Performances in Vaasa and Espoo in 2001.
Composing and performing the music together with A. W. Yrjänä, ordered for the Kalevala150-vuotta –festival concert (150th anniversary of the Kalevala) in 1999. Orchestration by Otto Donner.

Principal lecturer, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu 2010– Full time teacher at the North Karelia Polytechnic during 2003–2007, 2009.
Teacher since the year 1990, e.g. at the Sibelius Academy, the University of Lapland, the University of Joensuu, the Joensuu Conservatoire, the Theatre Academy of Finland, the Kokkola Conservatoire, the Oulu Conservatoire, the Arts Academy at Turku Polytechnic and at numerous courses around the country. Responsible for the teaching of singing, and teacher at Haapavesi 2001-2012.
Work with several choirs, including Wegelius choir, Philomela and Serena choir; compositions and vocal training of folk singing.
Instructor at the Sulasol workshop in Nurmes in 2004, at a Turku-Tukholma cruise in 2003 and in Naantali in 2002.
Instructor at the Nordic Norbusang choir event in Kaarina in 2004.

Andrew Cronshaw: The Unbroken Surface of Snow. Cloud Valley CV2009. 2010. Sanna Kurki-Suonio Trio: Huria. ZENCD 2115. 2007
Duo Sanna Kurki-Suonio & Riitta Huttunen: Kainuu, ZENCD 2094. 2004. Frode Fjellheim: Aejlies Gaaltije, VUCD 801. 2004.
Merja Ikkelän sävellyslevy (M.I.’s compositions): Puuvärejä. 2004.
Tapiolan kamarikuoro: Salvat, NCD 18. 2001.
Transjoik: Meavraa, 8573-85273-2. 2001.
Pekka Lehti: Outo voima, AICD 001. 2000. Hannu Saha: Mahla, KICD 72. 2000.
Scandinavia polskas, Joiks, Accordions and Fiddles, RGNET 1051. 2000.
Brian Scott Bennet: Trans World Music. 1999.
Hedningarna: Karelia Visa, SRSCD 4744. 1999.
Sanna Kurki-Suonio: MUSTA, GAR 24. 1998.
Itämeren tytär -kuoro (Itämeren tytär choir): Valkeat yöt, IMTCD 398. 1998. Ismo Alanko: Pulu, POKOCD 210. 1998.
XL: Jukola, PELPCD 10. 1998.
Hannu Ilmolahti: Suomalaisia kansanlauluja, MMN-MORE-2. 1996. Tellu: Suden aika, KICD 75. 1996.
Mikko Perkoila: Rakkain?, OMCD 75. 1996.
Hedningarna: Trä, SRSCD 4721. 1994.
Andrew Cronshaw: The Language of Snakes, SPDCD 493. 1993.
Tulikulkku. Musiikkia menneessä ja nyt, KICD 30. 1993.
Itä-Helsingin musiikkiopiston kuoro: Runo Northern Lights, IKCD 493. 1993.
Hedningarna: Kaksi, SRSCD 4717. 1992.
Soolojen yö, KICD 26. 1992.
Salamakannel: Koivunrunkorakkautta, OMCD 25. 1992.

Joensuu Award 2008.
Etno Emma 2008 for the album Huria by the Sanna Kurki-Suonio Trio.
The Elsa Heporauta award granted every five years by Kalevalaiset naiset (Kalevala women) for the development of Finnish national culture in 2005.
Spellemansprisen in Norway in 2005 for the album Aejlies Gaaltije.
Emma-nomination for the solo album Musta, published in Finland in 1998 (best female breakthrough artist).
Grammy-nomination in Sweden to the band Hedningarna in 1994 (best band). Grammy-award to the band Hedningarna in 1992 (best folk music album).

Other Tasks
Chair for Nord Trad network 2012-.
Member of Arts Council of North Karelia 2010-. Chair of Popkatu Association and Festival 2009-2011.