MIRANDA Fatima (Spain)

Fatima MIRANDA (Spain)


Fatima Miranda is a fascinating personality and a true legend in the European avant-garde whose central theme was and is the voice. Huge natural talent, the passionate and extroverted stage performance of a Southerner together with a brilliant voice technique produce a cocktail that perhaps not all listeners appreciate but few are left dispassionate by it. The driving force behind Fatima Miranda is remarkable curiosity – the need to discover the voice in all its almost infinite range of possibilities of expression.

The style of this award winning Spanish singer ranges from lyrical beauty to madcap savagery. In an age when recording technology can transform the lay voice from amateur to amazing, Fatima Miranda uses no electronic effects. Instead, Miranda's considerable vocal acrobatics spring from an array of invented techniques, overtone singing and mouth percussion, in addition to the simple strength of her voice.

Her concerts present a single voice in symbiosis with a remarkable poetic, gestural, visual, dramatic and humorous charge that reaches deeply into her audience.

A Miranda performance is a dazzling, pan-linguistic foray, a rich panoply of musical and visual displays.

As a singer, composer, researcher of the voice and vocal music, born of an ethno-minimalist sensibility, Fatima Miranda began turning her back on the canons of beauty in song and word in 1985 and has been rushing into the forest of oral traditions ever since. Averse to comfortable stereotypes, she combines techniques from the Orient, the West and those of her own invention, treating the voice as a wind and percussion instrument built into the body. This has allowed her to build a range of more than for octaves that she uses to create her own personal musical language and a totally innovative repertoire.