Igor ANGELOV (Czech Republic)


Igor Angelov studied conducting at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and fine-art education at the School of Pedagogy of the Charles University in Prague. Generally, he is interested in discovering connections of contents in spiritual music.


Since 1990, Igor has been focusing on Medieval and Renaissance music and the Gregorian chant. He creates musical stage performances about old and liturgical music and responds to the appeal of connecting different musical genres and directions (old music, ethnic musical instruments, modern experiments, classical music, light and sound). He collaborates with musicians, fine artists, light designers, actors and performers.


As a choirmaster, Igor founded several ensembles and led the choir of the St. Jacob basilica in Prague. He currently works at the Arcibiskupské Gymnázium high school where he has founded a choir and an orchestra. With the students, he creates stage performances of artificial music and jazz.


As a composer, conductor, musical director and producer, Igor has participated in the creation of numerous CD recordings of film soundtracks, theater and especially spiritual music. In his publishing activities, he focuses on collector's editions of unique historical works of music.


Igor's long-term interests include the spiritual effects of music and philosophy in music. In the recent years, Igor has focused on experiential work with content and spiritual contexts: location, architecture, music.